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The Mechatronics Engineering Technology (MET) program (click here)
As one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the HCMUTE, Department of Mechatronics delivers a wide variety of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and carries out extensive research in fields such as:

- Automation and control
- Automotive manufacturing technology
- Biomechanics and health engineering
- Solid-body mechanics and mechanical design
- Microelectromechanical systems

At the undergraduate level, we offer two programs that provides broad perspective into the engineering design of mechanical and electro-mechanical devices:

- Mechanical Engineering provides a broad foundation in all aspects of mechanical design: mechanics, power, control, and manufacturing.

- Mechatronics Engineering emphasizes the design of electro-mechanical devices ranging from large-scale automated manufacturing systems to micro-scale sensors and instrumentation. This program is offered in collaboration with many ereas: electricity, electronics, biomechanics, mechanical engineering, robotics etc...

As with all engineering programs at HCMUTE, every undergraduate student takes part in co-operative study, with up to six, four-month work terms conducted between academic study terms. This practical experience complements and reinforces in-class learning, providing students with a  solid and well-grounded education.

At the graduate level, we offer programs for both researchers and industry professionals:

-  Doctorate (PhD) degrees emphasizing academic research
- Master of Engineering (MEng) degrees for working professionals, with optional certificates in design, implement and operating

Whether they are building careers in academia or upgrading skills to approach new job opportunities, our graduate students benefit from the breadth and depth of knowledge our faculty members offer.

Our co-location promotes extensive collaboration for the purposes of teaching, research, and providing support to our many student research teams.

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