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HCMUTE was established basing on the "Board of Technical Education" on 05th October 1962.

On 21
st September 1972, the institution was renamed as "Nguyen Truong To Center for Technical Education in Thu Duc and later upgraded to "Thu Duc University of Education" in 1974 to fulfill the new responsibility of training high quality technical educators and engineers for the Southern Vietnam provinces.

On 27
th October 1976, the SRV Prime Minister signed a decision to found "Thu Duc University of Technical Education" on the basis of Thu Duc University of Education.

In 1984, the university was amalgamated with Thu Duc Industrial Vocational School to become the present Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education. In 1991, the university further admitted Technical Teacher Training School No.5 and kept growing up until now.

Within more than 53 years of its history, the university has been continuously developing on all aspects, training and providing for the nation tens of thousands of high quality educators, technical engineers, graduates and technical workers. To compliment on this excellent achievement, the Vietnam Communist Party and Government have gifted the university many honorary awards such as an Independence Decoration - Second Class (2012), Independence Decoration - Third Class (2007), a Labor Decoration - First Class (2001), a Labor Decoration - Second Class (1996), a Labor Decoration - Third Class (1985) and so on. 

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