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I. Purpose:

  • To create a scientific playground for students in the field of automation and facilitate students’ application of embedded programming knowledge into practice;
  • To provide students with opportunity to introduce their research, scientific and technological innovation results;
  • To strengthen mutual understanding, academic exchanges between the institutions.

II. Contest participants:

HCMUTE’s Student and Students from both other Vietnamese and Foreign partner universities

III. Time and venue:

Date: May 23rd, 2016

Time: From 8:00AM

Venue: The main Hall, HoChiMinh City University of Technology and Education, No. 1 Vo Van Ngan, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

IV. Competition rules:

-          Shape Registration: Team or individual.

-          Registration Form: Foreign Students can enroll via email: hanquoc@hcmute.edu.vn or khcn@hcmute.edu.vn

-          Each team hands in a robot picture and a background music file. (Please see Rules of dancing Robot 2016).

-          Registration fee: free

V. Tentative Prizes:

-          01 First prize: 10.000.000 VND/prize + Champion Cup

-          01 Second prize: 5.000.000 VND/prize

-          02 Third prize: 3.000.000 VND/prize

-          02 Incentive prize: 1.000.000 VND/Prize, one for Robot gets the most movements and one for Robot gets the best shape/form.

-          And many other prizes from sponsors, total of prizes values more than 50.000.000VNĐ.

VI. Rule for competing robots:

The contest has three rounds:

ü  Round 1:

-            Competition period: 3 minutes

-            Competing robots do free-style dancing following the music given by the organizer.

-            The robots are separated into 3 groups A, B and C, respectively. Those in the same group compete to each other to find the best one. Then the best ones of groups compete together.

ü  Round 2:

-            Competition period: 3 minutes

-            The selected robots dance in compliance with the given techno music varying from low to high speed and vice-versa. The robots must be able to self-adjust their moving speed accordingly.

-            Each group includes only two (02) teams to do direct competition.

ü  Round 3 (Final):

Each robot does SOLO-DANCE within 2 minutes in accordance with the given music.

* NOTE: The Champion Robot will be selected basing on the evaluation (grades) of the Judge committee on how excellently they meet with the following criteria:

-            Diversity of movements

-            Fitness between movements and music

-            Appearance and beauty of movements.

VII. Prerequisites for competing robots:

-        Robots must be able to move on 2 feet firmly and independently.

-        No limit of weight and dimensions is applied for the robots.

-        Operators are not allowed to touch the robots during the competition period. By breaking this rule, the robot will be immediately dismissed.

-        The robots can move to any point within the stage area but cannot bump into other robots.  In case a robot is kicked off the stage due to other robots, it can return to compete again later.

-        In order to be considered as one dance-step, the whole robot body part must move (i.e. the dance-step of the arm must include the movement of the scapula (shoulder-joint)).

-        The competition background music is mp3 type that is 128 kps and 44 kHz standard.

-        The 3m x 3m competition stage is made of wood and white painted. 

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