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MoET statute for student recruitment for universities and colleges

This document are statute laws written by Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) for universities and colleges to recruit new students, manage and organize education activities.


Recruitment announcement for university, college and vocational high school levels

The annual recruitment announcement  by MoET are noticed  on their official website to all universities and colleges to announced   new or  adjusting recruiment process,  approved  recruiments quantity of all universities colleges and etc.


Posters and leaflets for MET Department student recruitment

Posters and leaflets are composed by MET Department student and UTE announcing information in advance on HCMUTE's and FME's such as their objectives Mechatronics Engineering Technology (MET) programme, the developing history of UTE,  FME,


Plan for remote recruitment consulting days

UTE including director of board, faculties, offices, associate with  organizations and media conduct a meeting and then have a details plan relating to human resource, devices, time etc. for organizing some consulting days to supports UTE’s information, undergraduate programme, and recruitment information to  pupils or examinees in remote areas in Vietnam


Images on remote recruitment consulting days at different provinces

Some images illustrate the activities at the consultant days in cities and remote areas in Vietnam.


Plans for Open days and related images

This document shows detail plan to organize activities at the campus of UTE  for pupils or examinee


Images of students' scientific products

Images of student’s scientific products extracted from the proceedings of MET. The proceedings collect short research papers showing MET student’s the research results  and  summary of theses


Decision on awarding scholarship for those with excellent NUEE results

UTE have some policies to encourage new students obtaining the high results in the entrance exam and excellent students during their course via decision on awarding scholarship.


Decision on waiving tuition fee for MET female students

UTE have policies for female students, especially the MET female students are waived tuition fee through full time of  MET programme.


Announcement, photos, posters and products of students’ competitions

Images illustrate the FME’s competitions like Dancing robots, Soccerbot, Micom Car Rally (MCR), etc which attract a lot of students’ concern. The impact of these competions sometimes goes beyond the UTE’s border with participation from other technical universities and even high schools create  innovative  answers for solving problems


Meeting minute of deciding the recruitment grade levels

The university annually establishes a Student Recruitment Committee to decide the recruitment grade levels for the whole university and for each training programme


Decision on cut-off entrance score for A- and A1-categories

The MoET annually establishes a  minimum recruitment grade levels  for all  stdudetns into univerisities  in Vietnam. The recruitment  grade levels of UTE is usually much higher than MoET’ grade levels.


Survey data from MET alumni

This documents provide the results of alumni investigation to improve content of  Mechatronics Engineering Technology (MET) programme and increase  quality of learning and teaching.



Decision on issuing Statutes for Credit-based higher education system

This document are statute laws written by Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) for universities to conduct Credit-based higher education system


Implementation instruction for Credit-based higher education system

This document are detail instructions to statutes of Credit-based higher education system statuted by MOET


Statutes for curricula constructing and course distribution in the 150-credit training programme

Statutes by UTE is to support faculties, offices, lecturers and staffs  for curricula constructing and course distribution in the 150-credit training programme


Decision on issuing Higher education programme curricula

This document is the decision on new higher education program curricula in the 150- credit training programmer


Plan for MET Training Programme

This documents shows the structure and schedules of the MET Training Programme. Students know how many credit for learning in each semester, geneal, fundamental and specific knowledge in the programme.


UTE and FME have a policy for improving the quality of staffs and lectures at UTE, in Vietnam and foreign countries. Plan is annually  training  usually make plan to increase the ability of academic staffs  via training programme  and plan for lecturer to study high-education


Statute for course registration

This documents is Statues of UTE based on statues of MoET to announce students maximum numbers of credits they can register every semester, maximum times for studying MET programme at UTE, etc.


Students’ Handbook 2012

Information on advanced about MET programmer, statues of UTE  relating to operation and studying of students, tuition fee, examination and etc.


Functions and responsibilies of Academic Inspectorate Office

This documents shows Functions and responsibilies of Academic Inspectorate Office. For example, officer can inspect the teaching activities of lecturers, take note absent or problems relating to lecturer and teaching and learning activities.


Lecturer's refringement report

These document are the lecturer’s reports to announce time and reason absence plan of lecturers. The reports are submitted to website of UTE


Lecturer's refringement explanation and treatment report

These document are the lecturer’s reports to explain the reason why they are absent at class. The reports are submitted to dean or vice dean of MET faculty and  Academic Inspectorate Officers


Detailed curricula of some courses

The documents show detailed curricular of course of MET programme such as, number of credit, how many chapters and contents, exams, grade criteria, etc.


Statute for consultation to students

Statute of Academic office shows  Functions and responsibilies  of consultants, supporting services for academic affairs and psychology  for students


Decision on consultant selection

UTE have a decision on consultant list who are working as a consultant position following statute of Academic office.


Plan for Talks between University/FME managers and students

UTE and FME annually make a plan to organize  a meeting between University/FME managers and students to collect information from student  for problems in teaching and learning activities


Summary of students' feedback in Talks between University/FME managers and students

Summary reports of student feedback on the quality of teaching and learning activities and the performances.


Conclusions and new tasks from University president

After  getting student’s  feedbask on the quality of teaching and lecturer performance, Presidents will organize a meeting between  director of board with the represent offices, faculties  and s on to find solutions and then  will state conclusions and new tasks to improve the quality of teaching and  learing performancc, etc..


Report of fulfillment results of assigned tasks from University president

After conducting solutions ( Exh 8.29) for student’s feedback  This report shows fulfillment results of assigned tasks from University president.





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