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Exh. 13-01

Procedure for Customers' satisfaction on training programme

The University issues this procedure to evaluate satisfaction of stakeholder with the training program. Stakeholders include: students (2 times/ year), undergraduates (2 times/ year), alumi (1 times/year), employers and industrial consultant (1 times/2 years).

Exh. 13-02

Survey form on students' job handling capability

The survey form is sent directly by post to companies. The survey form includes 16 questions about the contens: professional knowledge, practical skills, discipline awareness, communication skills, foreign language capability.

Exh. 13-03

Industry survey results on students' job handling capability

The statistics of industry survey results on student's job handling capability, include: the number of companies participing in the survey, statistics of results for each question in the amount and in the percentage.

Exh. 13-04

Announcement on training programme contents review and modification

The annoucement of the University requires the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering to review and modify the training program. The content of the annuoncement include: modification plan, the contents need to review and modify.

Exh. 13-05

Meeting report of training programme contents modification

The meeting report of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: the time, the participants, the results of the meeting (unified specific contents of training program needs to be modified).

Exh. 13-06

Decision on consolidating alumni liaison committee

Decision on establishment of the alummi liaison committee, include: alummi liaison committee of the University, alummi liaison committee of the Faculties.

Exh. 13-07

Alumni Meeting Invitation Letter

Invitations alumni of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for annual meetings, include: time, location, program of the meetings.

Exh. 13-08

Images of FME Alumni Meeting

Some images of FME alumni meetings of all years.

Exh. 13-09

FME alumni survey form

The FME alumni survey form to investigate satisfaction level of alumni on training program. The survey form includes: information about the current job, the comment on the training program (content of the program, distribution of the program, the learning outcomes).

Exh. 13-10

Alumni survey results

The statistics of alumni survey results, include: the number of alumni participing in the survey, statistics of results for each question in the amount and in the percentage.

Exh. 13-11

Lecturer explanation report

The explanation report of lecturers who are evaluated at lower than GOOD levels (lower than 72 point) by students, include: causes and proposition of improvement measures.

Exh. 13-12

Report of teaching quality of lecturers from students' evaluation results

Quality Assurance Office analyzes the collected data to compose a report for the overall feedback and transfer the report to FME. The conten of the report includes: statistical survey results of the Faculty on each criteria, causes and the proprosition of the improvement measures.

Exh. 13-13

Summary of students' requests

Summary of students' request in the meeting beetween the University leaders and the FME leaders and students (1 times/ month). The reviews are aggregated by content groups: curriculum and training plan, course registration, assessment, fees, rules and regualations of the university, teaching methods and learning materials. This report will be sent to the University leaders and the FME leaders.

Exh. 13-14

Conclusions and new tasks to fulfill students' requests from University president

In this report, based on the proposed  suitable solutions of the FME leaders, the University president gives conclussion to fulfill students' requests.

Exh. 13-15

Report of University General Meeting

The report of the University General Meeting (1 times/year). Contents of the report include: a summary of work of the University, the opinion and comment of lecturers, answering questions of the University leaders.


Exh. 13-16

Report of Summer Conference


Exh. 13-17

FME general summary meeting report


Exh. 13-18

Survey form for staffs' feedback on service quality of functional offices


Exh. 13-19

Survey results of staffs' feedback on service quality of functional offices 


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