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Title of evidences



Report of consulting work of consultants

The consultants are required to have frequent appointments with students under their supervision


Time schedule for lecturers' availability at the department office


Each faculty members has to register to be available on at least one day per week at the MET department office to meet students, answer their questions and timely help solve students' learning problems together with his/her teaching assistant


Working plan of teaching assistants


Each teaching assistant has to provide his/her working plan for each academic semester


Working reports of Student Affairs Office and Student Service Center


Student Affairs Office is authorized to offer reward, punishment, scholarships and special policies to students. The office has to investigate carefully students' learning process by means of their database and propose relevant encouraging, supporting or preventing policies


Student's handbook


At the very first year of the program, students may get to know about the training program; department, faculty and university statute that they will take for undergraduate program through Student's handbook


Statute for consultants


The consultant team helps explain timely any problems related to learning subjects and fields such as helping students set up learning plans for the whole program, choose appropriate courses for each semester, use available facilities, ect.


Statute for TAs


Students also receive help from TAs in solving homework, laboratory, or discussion sessions to enable them to catch up with the course’s content learned


List of online courses


The Digital Learning Center (DLC) of UTE offers E/M learning, a better condition for students' study


Online course video


They can access to online lectures available on http://lms.hcmute.edu.vn/ to study anywhere and anytime


Images of activities at self-learning spaces


Self-learning spaces being gradually and orderly formed at different faculties do contribute to the convenience of students in learning and knowledge exchanging


Images of students working at Clubs/Labs


Starting from sophomore level, students may join in scientific technology and engineering clubs, such as Youth Scientist Club, Open Lab, Ames led by FME teachers. At these clubs, students have a chance to do peer-learning from their club-mates, senior students and take part in research projects of the teacher. This is believed to be very useful for their current study and future work


Plans and images of scientific seminars/conferences


FME also does organize meetings, seminars, conferences on scientific topics or alumni meetings. These are excellent opportunities for undergraduates to realize their current status so that they may develop themselves a long term study plan to meet with the real working requirements


List of scholarship holders, Scholarship Policy


To stimulate students in learning and training, the university offers scholarships or financial supports to excellent students or poor students

Exh. 9-14

List of student research projects


The university reserves a part of the total budget for scientific research stimulation for students. Those who would like to do research may firstly look for a supervisor from FME or its departments and then propose their budget plans for consideration

Exh. 9-15

Statute for consultants


The MET students receive full support from the university, offices, FME and MET department managing board and teachers, consultants, etc. The consultants are acting a key role since students rely on their suggestions from the first years of their study

Exh. 9-16

Report of Talks between University/FME managers and students


Each semester, students have chances to express their opinions to FME managing board or even to University Presidential board. They can present their difficulties or dilemmas in their study process and thus the managers may reconsider the general policy

Exh. 9-17

List of activities of Youth Union and Student Association


Youth Union and Student Association are also responsible for consulting and orienting students' learning activities and social activities. Students gain advantages, e.g. soft-skills, personal skills, when joining in the union and association as members

Exh. 9-18

List and images of student art performances and sports activities


Art performances and sports activities are frequently organized, especially on vacations or holidays. These are the entertaining, enjoying and relaxing moments for students to release their study pressure

Exh. 9-19

List and images of Robocon, Robot dancing contest


Academic and scientific contests (e.g. Olympic for freshmen, Dancing Robot, Robocon, etc.) are other meaningful aspects in their student life

Exh. 9-20

List and images of soft-skills seminars/talks


Career orientation activities, job fairs are also usually co-organized by HCMUTE and off-campus partners. Seminars and talks with psychologic experts, famous people, and so on help contribute more necessary skills to students

Exh. 9-21

Plan for periodic health test for students


Health Care Center of the university takes good care of students' physical and mental health status. The center signs a contract with Thu Duc General Hospital to do periodic health tests for students

Exh. 9-22

Plan for student health insurance payment


The center is also responsible for applying Health insurance for students according to currently applied Health Laws


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