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Title of evidences



List of research projects and publications of FME teachers



Annual training plan

The training plan designed to assist academic staff to develop and enhance their performance at all levels so as to contribute to the quality of their working life and career and to align their work with the strategic objectives of the University and the Faculty.


HCMUTE Decisions on delegating teachers for training

The University decisions on sending lecturer for training or higher education. FME has sent many lecturers for HEEAP training since 2010,  FME also signed MOU with some prestigious foreign universities to recommend its staffs for PhD study serving for the future human resource development plan.


HCMUTE Internal Spending Statute

The University spending policy and statement. This Document describes budgetary allocation and how the money is spent.


Teaching staffs standards

This Document describes requirements and responsibilities for UTE lecturer. Teaching staffs participated on the MET programme are required for both high academic degree and pedagogical skills. The standards are revised frequently along with the development of the university. 


Feedback survey results from students

Summary reports of student feedback on the quality of teaching and lecturer performance. The results show that most of the students satisfied with quality of education.


Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with National Central University – Taiwan, Chonnam National University, and Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg



High Tech Center upgrading project and Mechatronics Research Building project.

This Document show Strategic Development Plan for two researching centers: upgrade the existing High Technology Center and build a new MET Researching Institute. These centers are established to further enhance the quality of teaching and reasearching for faculty memebers.


List of visiting lectures



Lists of research and science seminars of FME



Decision on establishing teaching assistant team

To provide teaching support and improve the educational quality, in early 2014 the university decided to established teaching assisstant team. The team then has been  highly contributing to learning process of students.


Function and responsibility of teaching assistant team

This Document defines the function and responsibility of teaching assisstant team in detail.


Working plans of TA



Teaching scheduling plan

At the beginning of each semester, teaching schedule will be sketched out for all courses. The FME always assigns at least two lecturers for each course to assure that the number of staff is sufficient to deliver the curriculum adequately.


Probation accomplishment documents

Guideline for probationary lecturers. At the end of probationary period the lecturer will need to fullfill and requirements specified in the guideline such as visiting classes of highly experienced and qualified teachers to improve both knowledge and teaching methods


Recruitment announcement, Recruitment processes, Recruitment documents

The FME makes faculty recruitment proposals for each semester. Job opportunities are regularly announced on the University’s website, newspapers and recruiting sites.


Recruitment and selection procedure

This Document present recruitment and selection procedure. Normally, recruitment process includes three phases (1) document review, (2) direct interview and (3) teaching demonstration. The candidates are required to demonstrate their academic competences, communication skills, mastery of the subject, classroom management, and student-teacher communication in front of Recruitment Board after interview sections.


Regulation 06/2011 MoET

MoET’s regulations on required certificates, pedagogical skills, etc to obtain the lecturer title.


Meeting reports for nominating Associate Professor candidates

These meeting reports present the opinions, evaluations of committee members about the performance, experience and behaviour of Associate Professor candidates.


Guideline of the State Council for Professor Title of Vietnam

The State Council’s guideline for Professor Title in Vietnam.


HCMUTE Regulations on function and responsibility of teaching staffs

This Document defines the function and responsibility of teaching staff in detail.


MoET Regulations on function and responsibility of teaching staffs



Function and responsibility description tables for Faculty Board members/Department Board members and teaching staffs

This table describes roles and responsibilities of all faculty members.


Teaching visiting lists, Reports for teaching recommendation



Lists of Meetings and Seminars hold by FME



Meeting reports of the FME Committee for Education & Research on revising the MET programme

These reports show the periodic dicussion of FME Committee for Education & Research about the MET programme, what is good, what need to be changed, how to improve the programme.


Lists of supervisors for capstone projects and research projects



Regulation No. 42/QĐ-ĐHSPKT-TCCB on March 9th 2013 for  teacher standards

This is lasted regulation on teacher standards, covering staff workload policy.


KPIs evaluation system

This is the guideline for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs is a system used to evaluate working capacity and contribution ability of staffs. The evaluation result is a criterion to vote for awards, nomination, redeployment or punishment at the end of every school year


Teaching staffs’ KPIs evaluation results



Students’ feedback, KPIs results and meeting reports for teachers evaluation



Civil servant Law, Decree No. 29/2012/NĐ-CP on April 12 2012 of Government related to recruitment, allocation and management of civil servants

This document presents the major laws that affect the retirement process. The retirement age for female and male employees are 55 and 60 years old, respectively. If the university has the demand and the staffs are willing to contribute, they are invited to extend their contracts up to 5 years for PhD degree staffs and 7 years for Assoc. Prof. and Full Prof. After retirement, they will receive the pension and other allowances following the Labor Law and Social Insurance Law.


Regulation of the Human Resources Management Office, Evaluation table results of retired teachers.

The university regulation for retirement process. Besides the pension and other allowances following the Labor Law and Social Insurance Law, UTE’s ex-staffs can also receive other retirement incentives from the university.


HCMUTE Decisions on recognition for personal and faculties’ annual awards

At the end of every school year, all lecturers have to make self evaluation reports based on their teaching and researching performance according to the regulation of HCMUTE and MoET. Excellent individual will be nominated for awards and emulation titles.


Decision on early upgrading salary grade for FME’s staffs

Normally, staffs’ salary grade will be increased every 2 to 3 years. However, excellent staff may get early salary upgrade for their achievements/contributions.


Upgrading salary grade examination results of FME’s staffs



Lists of annual teachers’ awards



List of early upgrading salary grade for FME’s staffs






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